19 OCTOBER 2017, 7 PM – Finissage of the personal show SuperNatural by Francesca Romana Pinzari 

SPECIAL EVENT – Contemporary dance perfomance with a choreography by Diego Tortelli

… “There is something in art, as in nature, that reassures us, and something, on the contrary, that harasses and upsets us. A green lawn full of flowers and a blue, cloudless sky reassure us, while a calm lake or a fierce storm upset us; the beauty of a Greek statue by Fidia or the Venus de Milo appease our mind. The Monk by the Sea by Caspar David Friedrich dismays us, as he is alone in front of the vastness of the sea.

Two eternal feelings in a permanent struggle, the search for order and the charm of chaos: the mankind dwells inside this struggle, each one of us dwells here, between order and chaos. We look for rules and patterns but we never grasp the real engine of the world, the real shape of what is outside  of us and what is inside of us, and this is an everlasting mystery for mankind… and the inability to solve this mystery terrorizes us, and compells us to swing between the search for an impossible harmony and to give in to the chaos…” (il rosso e il blu) (red and blue)

Last 21 June the gallery hosted an event dedicated to the summer solstice, in which the choreography Heliantus was performed inside a site-specific installation by Francesca Manetta. After that event, the co-operation between Gilda Contemporary Art and the choreographer Diego Tortelli is going on.

On the occasion of the finissage of the show SuperNatural by Francesca Romana Pinzari which will take place next 19 October 2017, Diego Tortelli will present the choreography “TANTUM-SOLO”.

The new work “TANTUM-SOLO” draws inspiration from two ideas which are contrasting just as much as coexisting both in nature and in mankind, making them associates and allies, but also enemies and traitors: HARMONY AND CHAOS.

In “TANTUM-SOLO” the Harmony and Chaos in the body of the dancer Anita Lorusso wants to shape itself to the works of Francesca Romana Pinzari, by replicating the tortuosity and danger of brambles, but at the same time the elegance and fragility of crystal, creating in its turn an imperfect balance that leads us to give in to its poetry.

A special evening for the guests of Gilda Contemporary Art, where art and dance will fuse to give rise to an unforgettable experience, marked by research and experimentation.

Works on display: Francesca Romana Pinzari
Artistic director: Cristina Gilda Artese
Choreography : Diego Tortelli
Dancer: Anita Lorusso
Sound environment: Francesco Sacco
Production: Sepama S.r.l.