1. Owner of Handling
Big Eyes srl – via Torino 15 – Milan (Italy) – (hereafter Big Eyes) has Ownership of Personal Data Handling. Big Eyes believes it is important to protect the privacy of the customers and guests and to be transparent with practices. For this reason, Big Eyes provides the following information about the handling of personal information that you may provide to us or that we may collect from you as you interact with us.

2. Collected information and use

Navigation data

During operations, information systems and procedures connected with this website collect some personal data about the User. They are navigation data connected with the technical use of the site, which allow the registered user to access the services that are offered. These data (e.g. domain names, IP addresses and browser types) are not linked to any personal information and are used for the following purposes:
1) to collect anonymous statistical information about the site use
2) to control the website condition of use
3) to estabilish liability in case of hypothetical cyber-crimes.

Data voluntarily supplied by the User

Personal and Navigation data, automatically gathered by the site or voluntarily supplied by the User or the interested party, are collected for the objectives and with the modalities indicated below.

Allowing the performance of activities with the user in accordance with the contractual arrangements. In case of use on trial of WordPress services, at the end of the trial data may be used to directly verify the user experience on the platform;
Allowing the performance of administrative operations and fulfilment of law obligations, or to proceed with courts requests;
Delivery of services and goods purchased from the site, and, in general, meeting administrative, accounting or technical requirements;
Supplying the user, after his approval, with newletters via e-mail or with specific advertizing;
Supplying the user, after his approval, supplying the user with regular updates on our activities and alerts on new posts on our blog;
Supplying the user, after his approval, with regular updates on new products or services, or on specific commercial offers, or with invitations to events, workshops, webinar, special promotions or to take part in market researches;
Answering specific requests for information by the user;
In case of resume sending, solely for recruitment purposes.
Data collected through WordPress platform
In order to give clear information, we inform that Big Eyes utilizes Trustmailer as a platform to send out notices. This platform allows us to detect whether a message has been read, how many times links have been clicked, from which IP address and with which type of browser the e-mail is opened, thanks to statistical tracking systems (e.g. web beacons). Collecting these data serves the platform to be used at its best and it is an integral part of the message sending system.

3. Types of transfer data

Apart from the above-specified about navigation data and data collected through WordPress platform, data transfer:

For the purposes at point a), b), and f) is optional, but any refusal to grant consent will result in the inability, on the part of Big Eyes, to fulfil the demands of the contract.
For the purposes at point c), and e) is also optional and their use must be conditional on the release of an express permission. Any refusal will result in the inability on the part of Big Eyes to send newsletter or advertizing material or invitations to events organized by Big Eyes.

4. Data Handling
Collected data will be handled through electionic -though automated, and telematic supported – tools, or through manual data processing in ways closely related to the purposes for which the personal data have been collected, but always with modalities that ensure data privacy and security.

5. Ownership and responsibilities regarding handling of personal data
The collected data is handled by Big Eyes internal staff, who is appointed as responsible for the handling. User’s personal data may be shared with external third parties who will be given only the information that is strictly necessary for the execution of their operations. They are required to handle the data as if they were the owners, or, in some cases, as Responsible Managers appointed by the Owner, with the same objectives as those indicated in this Privacy Policy. In some cases, they can be appointed as autonomous owners of the handling, and more specifically:
companies being part of our group, for the purposes explained at point 1 lett. a), b), and f);
individuals, companies or professional practices that provide a professional activity of assistance and consultancy service to our company, for the purposes explained at point 1 lett. b) and f);
societies, institutions and associations who carry out services related to the above-mentioned purposes (data analyses, market research,hosting providers, information technology companies, management of payments by credit card).
The collected data may also be transferred abroad, to societies being or not being part of our group, also to Countries that are not European Union members, in accordance with the provisions of the existing legislations, ensuring in any case a proper protection level.
In any case personal data will never be spread.

6. Rights of the parties involved
At any time it is possible to exercise the right of opposition to data handling, and request the erasure, modification or updating of all personal information handled by us. The user or party involved may contact us directly tby sending an e-mail to


Use of Cookies
We use cookies to make the website effective and simple to use. When you visit the site, some information is inserted in the user device. Cookies are small lines of text/data that are written onto your computer by website. Different kind of cookies are available, but in short their purpose is to increase the performance of our website and to enable some features .Cookies are utilized to personalize your online experience. In particular they:

  • allow to navigate effectively from a site page to another;
  • memorize your username and preferences, so you do not have to manually log on each time you visit our website
  • avoid to insert the same information (as username and password) more times during your visit
  • present advertising information targeted on interests and behaviour manifested by the user during his visit

There are different types of cookies. Below are listed and described the cookies that may be used in the site.
Cookie like these are necessary for the proper working of certain site areas. This category includes both persistent cookies and session cookies. Without them, the site of some portions of it might not work properly. So they are always utilized, indepedently of user preferences. These kind of cookies are always sent from our domain.

This kind of cookies are utilized to collect information about the use of the website. The Owner uses such information for statistical analyses, to improve the site and make its use easier, and to monitor the site proper working. These cookies collect information in an anonymous form about user activities in the site, and on the way they got into the site. These cookies are sent by the site itself or by third-party domains.

These cookies are utilized to collect information on the use of the website on the part of visitors, keywords used to reach the site, visited websites and information on visitors for marketing purposes. The Owner may collect this information to file reports and to improve the site. Cookies collect information in an anonymous form. These cookies are sent from the website itself or from third-party domains.

This kind of cookie are utilized to integrate functionalities of third parties in the website (e.g. to fill forms for comments or click social network icons that allow visitors to share the site content). Cookies belonging to this group may be sent by the domains of partner-sites or that offer the functions available in the site itself. The Owner is not required to ask the user approval for technical cookies, as they are necessary to supply the service. For other kind of cookies the approval may be expressed by the user in accordance with the existing legislation, by means of specific browser settings or user-friendly programs or devices. The Owner reminds to the user that it is possible to set one’s browser to notify you when you receive a cookie or to refuse receiving it. You should be aware that this may interfere with or make you unable to use certain functionality on websites using cookies.

The website contains links to other sites who hold their own privacy policy, which can differ from the one adopted by the Owner, who is not liable for third-party websites. In accordance with article 122, second subparagraph of D.lgs. 196/2003, the approval for the use of such cookies is expressed by the interested party by means of the browser settings chosen for the site navigation, subject to the user will to decide in any time about the handling of data managed by cookies accepted by the user browser.

There are many ways to handle cookies and other tracking technologies. By setting your browser you can accept or opt-out cookies or you can decide to receive a message before accepting a cookie from the websites you visit. Please note that if you completley disable cookies you might not be able to use all our interactive functionalities. If you are using more than one computer in different locations, be sure that each browser is properly set in order to meet your need. You can delete all the cookies installed in the cookie folder of your browser. Each browser has different procedures to manage settings: click one of the links below to get specific instructions. Microsoft Window Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox Apple Safari.
If you are not using any of the mentioned browsers, select “cookie” in the relevant section of the guide to know where your cookie folder is located.

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Beside using the tools provided by the browser to activate or disactivate single cookies, we inform you that the site  lists the main providers who works with the website handlers in order to collect and utlize useful information to fruition of behavioural advertising. You can disactivate or activate all the companies or as an alternativa you can set the preferences for each company. To do this you have to use the tool located on page
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