Presentation of OR NOT 14 – arsprima editions – Association for the promotion of contemporary art

An event by arsprima hosted by Gilda Contemporary Art
18 January 2018 – 6 pm

Next 18 January 2018, at 6 pm, at Gilda Contemporary Art gallery, via San Maurilio 14 in Milan, the new issue of Or Not will be presented. Or Not is a monograph magazine of contemporary anomalies  published by arsprima association under the artistic direction of Cristina Gilda Artese, dedicated to the artist Isobel Blank.

The issue No. 14 of the series has two curators: Laura Luppi and Alessandro Trabucco, who already co-operated in other issues of the series.

“Isobel Blank was born in Tuscany, but since childhood she moved with her family to different places in Italy. This fact is very important for the relationship between the artist and the motion, the places she has visited or where she lived in, her relashionship with Nature, with the environment, with other people, with art itself.

OR NOT dedicated to her the14th issue of a series that, beside describing the work of the chosen artist, investigates the artist’s sources, the subjects, the media used with a multidisciplinary approach.

In the case of Isobel Blank there are so many tools, all of them used with a delicate refinement. From photographic images to sculptural works, from performances to video projects, Isobel Blank seems to talk to us with the aid of different languages, from sound to sight, to touch. The sign language prevails, and has its roots in the artist’s solid training in theatre and dance. Among the different disciplines she approached to, those linked to the body as a “filter” or intermediary between herself and the outside world are the starting point for testing other artistic forms, that she approached to as a self-taught, with ease and innate talent. Classic and contemporary dance have accompanied her since her youth, together with Pina Bausch’s  theatre-dance and acting classes, that she begun to follow at 19, when she entered the Accademia del Teatro Stabile del Veneto in Padua and the Compagnia of ICAI – Istituto della Commedia dell’Arte Internazionale (based in Venice and Padua). A camera in her hands has been the first step towards a new opportunity to transform her body in a means of expression in a physical relationship with space, making it meaningful, important. Different tecniques like photography, photo sculpture, drawing or the needleworks on felted wool alternate and overlap; sometimes they are compatible with the artist’s interest in the Far East, which came out during her university studies.

Not least her relationship not only with the written words, but with the singing as well, that the artist develops as solo singer by the name of Isobi and within the band Ant Lion through the multiple prints of her voice. Graduated with honors in aesthetic philosophy, Isobel Blank has also deepened the study of the reflection on the beauty and on art review, which contributed to complete her introspective course, made of an intertwining of elements always present in her works.

The first part of OR NOT No. 14 deals with Isobel Blank’s important artistic journey, and suggests to the readers a clue organized by subjects that are never markedly split from one another, actually, wowen together as in a canvas. The second part dissects in particular the artist’s performing actions and her wide video production, as well as the music works, which are part of her eclectic poetry”. (Laura Luppi in Introduction of OR NOT 14).

“Once more arsprima, by means of the project of the monograph series OR NOT magazine of contemporary anomalies, dedicated to important artists of the Italian panorama, promotes research and innovation in contemporary art, because support the new is an efficient way to support culture”.

Cristina Gilda Artese