Last Saturday, 3 March 2018, the second Gilda’s Breakfast has been held, a nice breakfast where visitors talk of art – and not only of that – while sipping coffee and eating cookies and delicious cakes. Every time new guests hold the audience.

Gilda's breakfast gallery#1

See the photogallery about the first Gilda’s breakfast @ Gilda Conteporary art with Alessandra Redaelli, art curator and author of “Keep calm e impara a capire l’arte” edited by Newton&Compton


21-22-23-24 june Gilda presents a double event on the occasion of the summer solstice, in order to celebrate with art the moment that marks the passage to the new season, among ancient beliefs and contemporary languages. The first event will be held on the evening of 21 June in private (by invitation only) and will host an investigation of movement and … Read More

The roads of the Heritage

UNA MOSTRA RIPERCORRE LA RICERCA ARTISTICA DI FRANCESCO GARBELLI. L’iniziativa, che si tiene durante la Miart & Design Week 2017, è parte del progetto di riqualificazione del quartiere delle 5 Vie di Milano

ANNALU' presents the unreleased series Shaman Women, on the occasion of Elena Monzo's personal exhibition

Foto di Paola Codeluppi On the occasion of Elena Monzo’s personal exhibition, Moon Zoo, the sculptress Annalù presents some especially-made works. Annalù have always worked on the issue of nature and the elements; she turns women’s faces into surfaces and shapes, that become mere transfigurantions of a thought. The artistic director, Mrs. Cristina Gilda Artese, talks about this project: “In … Read More