THE 100 H – A research on unexpressed emotion | A performance by Florencia Martinez

THURSDAY 30 NOVEMBER 2017, 8.00 P.M.


THE 100 H

A research on unexpressed emotion

The performance by the Italo-Argentine artist is one of the events organized by Gallerie Aperte, promoted by the 5 Vie Art+Design association.

On Thursday 30 November 2017, at 8.00 p.m., within the Gallerie Aperte event, promoted by Associazione 5 Vie Art+Design, Gilda Contemporary Art, located in via San Maurilio 14 in Milan, will host a performance by Florencia Martinez (Buenos Aires, 1962) titled The 100 H. A Research on Unexpressed Emotion.

Florencia Martinez is now showing her personal exhibition H. Honey Hungry Home, on display until 14 January 2018 in the Milanese gallery.

It was just to prepare this show that the Italo-Argentine artist wrote some notes on the key lines of her research, i.e. “home/container”, “love/tenderness” and “hunger for”, from which she extracted 100 sentences, thoughts, short poems, written on a board. These are the starting point for a personal reflection of the participants attending the event.

Each of them will be able to interact with the artwork: they can choose to act in three different ways with Florencia Martinez’s sentences:  confirm them (by writing the sentence found on the board with a chalk); counter them (by reporting something inconsistent with what they have already read), or add something to them (adding their own thought).

“This light gesture made with a chalk -Martinez says- is easy to erase: what it’s not easily erasable is the thrill of  digging into ourselves for a few minutes, into our priorities (home, love, hunger for), in relation to a statement or a question that acts as a starting point for this expression open to the inner Self, on one’s thought, one’s pain or the wonderful joy of that moment”.

The exhibition, curated by Cristina Gilda Artese, with the support of the Argentine consulate, presents a series of recent works in which fabric and colour are the distinctive features of the Italo-Argentine artist.

The exhibition title – H. Honey Hungry Home – recalls three strong concepts like love (honey), home (home) and sustain hunger (hungry). It’s only in the synthesis of these three words that it’s possible to give a sense to our existence, that Florencia Martinez sees it accomplished in the sacred iconography of mercy, with a mother bearing her dying son.

In her Pietà –the whole exhibition is centered around it- the two anonymous figures are recognized only by means of the materials they are dressed in. Whilst it’s the white fabric of the wedding gown, adorned with laces and insets, to give shape to the exhausted figure, it’s the presence of the grey, scratchy felt that characterises the other figure, as dark as capable of  an empathetic, tender look.

Noteworthy works are Una ragazza come un’altra (An Ordinary Girl), a sculpture in wedding gown fabric and lace, depicting a woman with a bird beak who is born from a tree, symbol of protection and possession at a time. Or the suitcases covered with precious fabrics whose weave contains photos of the artist’s family history, carrying heavy cobblestones that make hard both the journey and the escape from a past that won’t leave.

As the new, the viewer will be able to admire the jute works, be they clumps of fabric sewn to form hard balls, or small concentric spots marked by bright colours, like blue or orange, that host a dynamic combination of embroidery and signs.

Florencia Martinez’s personal show is accompanied by the catalogue published by Gilda Contemporary Art, with an introduction by Cristina Gilda Artese, and a critical wording and an interview with the artist by Alessandra Redaelli.

The Or Not magazine, published by the Ars Prima association, headed by Cristina Gilda Artese, dedicated in 2016 a monograph to Florencia Martinez.


FLORENCIA MARTINEZ. Le 100 H. Ricerca sull’emotività inespressa

Thursday 30 November 2017- 8.00 p.m. until 10.00 p.m.



Open until 14 January 2018

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