Photos by Paola Codeluppi


Gilda is a living being and, as such, has a soul, owns a story; in its rooms wedding gowns have also been sewed, and who made it was making up legends that are told even today.
Gilda has a stair to a place that hides other stories, other secrets.
It is not just a gallery, as the artists she hosts are not just artists; every move inside Gilda makes connections among artists and with the discreet and secret town of Milan, with its courtyards and inner gardens.
Like the town, also Gilda protects lavish worlds.


Gilda Contemporary Art is located at the ground floor, on the road front of an historic building in the “Five Streets” neighborhood of Milan, precisely in via San Maurilio No. 14.
The building, called Casa dei Botta, was previously also known as Casa dell’Elefante (House of the Elephant) because of the taxidermy elephant head placed on the baroque staircase that leads to the main floor. The building also hosted the chess club.
The gallery has two adjoining rooms on a surface of 90 sqm, divided by a sliding wall, two wide shop windows on the road front with their own private entrance and a central window. One of the two rooms is equipped for video projections.
The lighting system has been designed with regard to the necessary conditions for exhibitions of artworks, two-dimensional and three-dimensional design; it works by means of two different control panels, that allow to adjust lights and programming, according to the tecnology of today’s automation.
A white marble staircase leads to the upper floor, in a cozy office. The stair is equipped with a multicoloured, remote-controlled lighting system.