Gilda’s Breakfasts are back

Gilda’s Breakfasts are back with
Mauro De Carli’s Book Launch
INSTANT ARTE_ edizioni Gribaudo
..Let’s Get Closer..
Saturday 16 February 10,30 a.m,


Saturday morning breakfasts at Gilda Contemporary Art are back. Nice breakfasts where visitors talk of art – and not only of that – while sipping coffee and eating cookies and delicious cakes. Every time new guests hold the audience.
The first breakfast of 2019 focuses particular attention to the topic of understanding and approach to the art world. That’s why we decided to do it with the artist and professor Mauro De Carli. Using his personal experience, he has written a book titled INSTANT ARTE, published by Gribaudo: a very useful tool, with new educational contents and an innovative metodology, aimed at making the masterpieces of art intelligible even to the least experienced person, as long as he or she is willing and curious.
The book tells about art and its history using a creative, direct and understandable method, at the same time it’s deep and carefully written. The author deals with complex subjects that are central to the art in a simple, immediate and dynamic way. and in a casual tone. The book is recommended for anyone: students, scholars, enthusiasts, for whom don’t know anything about art, or has only a basic knowledge, but also for the experts, to whom art history is proposed in a peculiar way.
Particular attention is paid to modern and contemporary art, because to understand the art of the present means to be able to read the signs of the time, to have a clearer view and maybe to understand “where we are going”.